CUV Ventures Corp.


Steve Marshall

CEO and Director

Steve Marshall serves as CEO and as a Director of CUV Ventures Corp. Mr. Marshall is a trilingual serial entrepreneur specializing in international marketing and deal brokering. He has successfully adapted to varied world markets throughout his career having founded businesses in; Spain, France, United Kingdom, Panama, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and Cuba including a multinational timeshare company and a multilevel digital marketing corporation acquired by a large German marketing company.

Steve Marshall's past ventures have received coverage in the; Financial Times, BBC News, CNN, ABC News, BNN, Fox News, Time Magazine, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Marshall also dedicated time in his career to concentrate on his philanthropic initiatives, including refitting of a General hospital with over $800,000 in second hand medical equipment and importing containers of children's toys for the pediatric cancer unit at the Havana William Soler Hospital in Cuba.

James G. Pettit

President and Chairman of the Board

Jim Pettit serves as President and as Chairman of the Board of Cuba Ventures Corp. Mr. Pettit is currently serving on the board of directors of five publicly traded companies and offers over +25 years of experience within the industry specializing in finance, corporate governance, executive management and compliance. Jim was previously Chairman and CEO of Bayfield Ventures Corp., a TSX Venture company, which was acquired by New Gold Inc. in January 2015.

Tim Fernback MBA, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer & Director

Tim Fernback has over twenty years of experience financing both private and public micro-capitalization companies in Canada. Mr. Fernback ran the technology consulting practice for Discovery Capital Corporation, a prominent British Columbia venture capital firm specializing in financing and consulting to technology based start-up ventures. Mr. Fernback went on to run the Investment Banking and Corporate Finance Departments for one of the oldest and most respected Western Canadian based brokerage firms, Wolverton Securities Ltd. Currently, Mr. Fernback provides strategic consulting services including business planning and analysis, supply chain management, capital markets support, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions services as Regional Director of The CFO Centre Limited, the world's largest provider of permanent, part-time and interim CFO services to growing companies. Mr. Fernback has served as both a Director and Officer of several public companies.

Mr. Fernback is a graduate of McMaster University where he studied molecular biology and biochemistry, and also a graduate of the University of British Columbia, where he completed an MBA with a concentration in Finance. He is an active member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia and is an active member of many industry and trade organizations in Canada.

Daniel (Danny) Hernandez Rodriguez

CUV Ventures Advisory Board

Danny is considered a key asset to the Advisory board of the fintech division. A banking technology expert specifically focused upon electronic banking and, front and back office security applications, Danny's prolific career allowed him to integrate banking security technology and expertise to major Spanish banks: La Caixa (Spain's 3rd largest bank) CajaCanarias, Banca Civica, Sa Nostra, CCM, Caja Murcia and Infocaja. Danny's impressive academic resume includes; MBA, IT CGeiT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprises), CIA (Certified Internal Auditor), UNED (Postgraduate in financial auditing), Graduate of Business Administration (Fachhochshule Kiel). Danny will advise the company on the creation of, as a secure lending platform employing the latest banking technologies and assuring its compliance to international banking protocols. Additionally, will assist the company in deploying an electronic block chain payment mechanism for Revolupay.

Bernard Lonis


Bernard is the founding owner of Adonis Resorts and numerous technology focused companies. Bernard is a hospitality & tourism specialist with over 3000 hotel beds currently under his company’s control. He is a specialist in emerging travel markets and the unique complexities these present. Bernard is a distinguished member of European hotel associations, honorary consul to Senegal, owner of the European School of Management (ESM) and, a prolific trilingual entrepreneur. Bernard is the director of the Caribbean Basin investment division of the company named Cuba Ventures.

Alfredo Manresa Ruiz


Alfredo Manresa Ruiz is a Spanish national and seasoned banking professional and manager. Alfredo worked for Spain’s CAM Bank (now Sabadell) between 1989 - 2012 in varied high level positions, including branch and regional management positions in Europe and Latin America. Alfredo was the founding manager of CAM Bank in Cancun, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. During his tenure as Regional Bank Director in Mexico and Cuba, Alfredo handled 100s of millions of Euros annually in loans and investment. Alfredo’s extensive knowledge of the financial system brings an important addition to CUV Ventures Fintech and Remittance businesses. Alfredo is fluent in Spanish and English, in addition to having an accomplished career in the corporate and private banking world. Alfredo is directly involved in the formation of the wholly owned subsidiary Revolupay Europe EDE S.L,

Michael Bruening

CUV Ventures Marketing Advisory Board

For more than 20 years, Michael Bruening has been the founder and managing director of the German advertising agency CREATIVTEAM COMMUNICATIONS, with numerous long-standing and notable clients; Volkswagen, Varta, Johnson Controls, Continental and, many more. With Michael at the helm, CREATIVTEAM COMMUNICATIONS provides key marketing support in both Germany and, throughout Europe, to top tier publicly listed and private companies. In addition to the automotive sector, his agency also focuses on; finance, food and agriculture, as well as tourism. In addition, Mr. Bruening founded and operated various start-ups, including a leading games portal, a company for AR (augmented reality) applications and, a consulting firm for worldwide digital transformation. Michael is a member and consultant in various German think-tanks on digitization and, new management methods. In recent years he has increased his involvement in the tourism sector and, now advises three tourism companies in the field of marketing, both as a board advisor and consultant, respectively. After studying German Literature, Journalism and History in Goettingen and Bremen, he began his career as a journalist for German daily newspapers before moving early to the marketing world and, self-employment, founding Creativ Team.

Martin Chicon

CUV Ventures RevoluPAY Licensing Advisory Board

Martin Chicon is a graduate of Fordham University with a BS in Computer Science with over 25 years of professional-level project management experience in the non-profit, legal and financial tax sectors (specializing in high-tech assignments). Fluent in Spanish and English, Mr. Chicon is a New York-born son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic and has been politically active in both the U.S. and Dominican political arenas (establishing productive relations with both local and international political leaders). Mr. Chicon is taking advantage of his pre-existing relationships to assist CUV Ventures to advance RevoluPAY® with prospective investors for the $5.6 billion Dominican remittance market and beyond.

Ricardo Estrazulas

CUV Ventures RevoluPAY Licensing Advisory Board

For more than 20 years, Ricardo Estrazulas has been one of the key advisors for Paington Consulting and, is the founder and managing director of the brokerage Nautilus International. Mr. Estrazulas has grown an extensive network of influential and, high net worth investors and, travels frequently throughout Latin American countries to visit numerous long-standing and notable clients. He is fluent in six languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. In a previous role, Ricardo worked as director of sales for the Miami based developer and, sales and marketing firm, Fortune Development Sales, managing promotion and development of strategic partners throughout Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Guatemala, Russia and more nations, netting hundreds of millions in sales.

Henry Martinez

CUV Ventures Remittance Advisory Board

Mr. Martinez is the founder of Duales Inc., a graduate of Saint Petersburg State University in Russia in International Economic Relations and of The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in India. His initial career was in the Foreign Trade industry. In 1994, he founded Lemargo Inc., an international wholesaler of biomedical products managing over 1000 suppliers from North America, Europe and Asia and Duales Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary in the P2P and B2B payment processing and remittance industry with a highly visible online presence. Mr Martinez is also a Director of Morrison Laurier, a Mortgage Investment Corporation with over C$ 80 million Portfolio under management. Mr. Martinez is fluent in Russian, Spanish and English. In 2009, he enrolled in the Owner/President Management Program of the Harvard Business School which was completed in 2011. Henry is the president and CEO of equity owned, Canadian domiciled, Remittance Company and FINTRAC licensed partner, Duales Inc.

Jorge Alvarado

CUV Ventures RevoluFIN Advisory Board

CUV Ventures welcomes qualified CPA and, Panamanian national, Jorge Alvarado, to join its RevoluFIN advisory board. Jorge Alvarado, CPA, has more than twenty-five years’ experience in the upper echelons of Panamanian accounting. Mr Alvarado is an Authorized Public Accountant and, has worked extensively for both private multinational companies and, as an accountant for the government in the Republic of Panama. Mr. Alvarado worked as chief Accountant for the Panamena de Motores Company, S.A., the national wholly owned Nissan importer. Further, Mr. Alvarado worked as fiscal auditor for the Municipality of Panama City. Jorge currently provides accounting and finance consulting services to several companies in Panama City.

Emilio Morales

CUV Media & Consulting Advisory Board

Mr. Morales was born and raised in Cuba and dual American/Cuban Citizen. Mr. Morales was formerly the Head of the Strategic Marketing Planning Department for the Marketing Division for CIMEX Corporation, Cuba’s largest state enterprise holding company, with more than 80 subsidiaries across Cuba engaged in 35 different retail and wholesale businesses, with annual revenues of more than US$2.8 billion. Prior to CIMEX, Emilio was a high-ranking professional in Cuba, where he conducted marketing research for more than 15 years and authored or co-authored dozens of market research studies for government companies and foreign companies doing business with Cuba. His work in Cuba, as chief marketing consultant for companies, includes; famed Cigar producer - Habanos S.A., Sugar Exporter - Tecnoazucar, Retail Chain - Palmares S.A., Health -Servimed S.A., Real Estate & Hospitality - Cubanacán S.A., Retail Chain - Shops Universo S.A., Food Producer - Bravo S.A., Cellular Company - Cubacel, Telecommunications Giant - ETECSA, Food Producer - CORACAN S.A., and many more. Mr. Morales also worked for the Cuban government on a plethora of bilateral projects outside Cuba in; Argentina, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa. In 2007 Emilio founded HAVANA CONSULTING GROUP (THCG and Tech, LLC), the Miami-based Think-Tank, and business consulting firm. Emilio is considered by many experts the guru of remittances to Cuba. He has developed for more than 15 years a unique and sophisticated methodology for the collection of information related to various variables that allows him to estimate the remittances that are sent to the country through both formal and informal channels.He is considered a visionary of the Cuban market and of the remittance industry in general. Mr. Morales is the author of two books: “Cuba: A Silent Transition to Capitalism?” (2009) and “Marketing without Advertising: Brand Preference and Consumer Choice in Cuba,” . Emilio is the president and CEO of equity owned, Miami FL domiciled, Havana Consulting Group, THCG & Tech LLC.

Walfrido Sebastian Quiñones Bencomo

CUV Investment Advisory Board

Walfrido Sebastian Quiñones Bencomo serves on CUV Ventures Investment Advisory Board. He is a Cuban citizen and licensed Cuban attorney who graduated with honors from the University of Moscow, Russia. Walfrido was the corporate legal counsel for Steve Marshall over the past two decades. Walfrido is a permanent resident of both Cuba and Mexico. Walfrido’s membership in the Bar Association as a practicing attorney, allied to his extensive knowledge in brokering investments, makes him a key figure on the Advisory Board at CUV Ventures. Walfrido is directly involved in the formation of the wholly owned subsidiary Revolupay Mexico S.A de C.V,

Nick Findler

Investor Relations Manager

Nick Findler has worked in various investor relations and corporate development roles with over four years of capital markets experience. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria as well as his Canadian Securities Course designation. Nick has been the Investor Relations Manager at CUV Ventures since 2016, and previously worked at Kin Communications, an IR firm based in Vancouver, where he worked with mining, technology and transportation companies.

Vito Echevarria


Mr. Echevarria is a New York-based journalist who graduated from Fordham University with a BA in political science, while later attending courses at the University of Miami School Of Law. Mr. Echevarria specializes in the Caribbean foreign investment landscape. Mr. Echevarria first visited Caribbean countries in 1996 to cover theemerging biotechnology sector for America Economia, a Dow Jones business monthly magazine based in Santiago, Chile. Since then, Mr. Echevarria has written extensively for a variety of foreign companies and entrepreneurs vested in the Caribbean energy, real estate, information technology, hospitality, agribusiness, tourism and numerous other sectors. Vito is the company’s liaison for its equity ownership in Third Circle Publishing LLC, Miami Florida.

Steven Geiger

CUV Advisory Board

Steven Geiger is a recognized global energy expert who has led multiple large-scale energy investment programs in emerging economies. Most recently he served as Chief Operating Officer for Skolkovo, the $5 billion Russian national technology & economic transformation agency tasked with innovating Soviet-era energy systems. Earlier, he was a Director of MASDAR, a $15 billion renewable energy company owned by Abu Dhabi government and one of the world's largest renewable energy companies.

W. Patrick Murphy

CUV Advisory Board

W. Patrick Murphy was Secretary of the largest real estate political action committee in the United States named Cen-Pac to protect Worldwide Intellectual Property. Mr. Murphy served on the Senior Management of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation developing niche market expertise to increase franchise sales by $22 million in one year. Mr. Murphy has thirty-nine years of broad based experience in entrepreneurial and corporate roles from start-ups to management of seasoned domestic and international organizations. Familiar with all phases of real estate franchise branding, real estate development and specialized travel development. W Patrick Murphy developed the largest real estate franchise network in the Caribbean Basin, Venezuela, Colombia and Central America with 45 offices, 500 agents in 23 countries or protectorates. BA Morningside College, MA University of South Dakota, Securities Licenses Series 39, 63, 22, GRI, CIPS, CCIM. Patrick is the director of the Florida Travel Agency IBTO in which the company holds significant equity.