CUV Ventures Corp.

At CUV Ventures, we are all about leveling the playing field for citizens of developing nations, our RevoluPAY® Remittance app being a perfect example of this mission. The next multi-billion dollar industry in developing nations is mobile phone top-up recharges. Unlike the western world, mobile phone users in developing countries generally do not have monthly contracts, instead, adding money to their phones by way of pay-as-you-go. Invariably, this is an 8 billion dollar industry and largely overlooked in developed nations. Further, it is generally family and friends outside-country, the same people who send RevoluPAY remittances, who also take care of the constant top-ups of phones in these developing countries. This has made worldwide phone credit recharges a colossal industry, as family members constantly keep the communication channels open, with family and friends living in their home countries. Yes, it is expats living abroad who generally add credit to family and friends’ phones back home. Therefore, RevoluCHARGE launched on November 1st 2018, is a natural addition and vertical of RevoluPAY, allowing this very service to be carried out from a single app and digital wallet. RevoluCHARGE allows anyone, anywhere, to send pay-as-you-go credits to anyone in 248 Countries & 117 currencies, with commission’s averaging 10% for CUV Ventures. As a multi-billion dollar industry, the company considers this an outstanding supplementary revenue stream, intrinsically beneficial to RevoluPAY app users.