CUV Ventures Corp.

The RevoluFIN, web based factoring platform, enables third party financiers to directly finance outstanding secured receivables while obtaining above market interest returns. RevoluFIN should appeal to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking for an improved way of working capital financing by selling their outstanding means of payment collection from sales (typically LC and Secured Drafts) by transferring the credit rights to RevoluFIN and, its financiers. Contrary to traditional invoice finance, RevoluFIN is fast, flexible and employs transparent financing terms. RevoluFIN is only available to non Government owned or associated entities. The company aims to directly achieve 5% average annualized revenue on RevoluFIN bridge loans. CUV Ventures has currently obtained approval for up to $63 million Canadian Dollars in seed capital and, is increasing this amount as and when required. Estimated target market – 3 Billion USD.