CUV Ventures Corp.

CUV Ventures Overview

CUV Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: CUV) is a multi-asset, multidivisional, multi-revenue based publicly traded Canadian company utilizing cutting edge technologies in the; Money Remittance, Crypto Mining, Mobile Apps, Online Travel, Vacation Resort, Blockchain Systems, Invoice factoring and Cryptotoken sectors.

The company boasts a world-class management team who specialize in every sector and division the company has created. The overall objective is to define lucrative markets and build divisions, using specific management capabilities, which nurture increased revenue and long term income for the company.

The flagship technology is Revolupay®, the Apple and Android multinational remittance app, powered by blockchain protocols and, aimed at the worldwide +$150 billion family remittance market. Through Revolupay®, app users hold a digital wallet with funds and can share these funds with family, friends and fellow app users around the world. Revolupay® serves as both a potent family remittance app and a payment receipt platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners, who generally are unable to obtain credit card merchant status. Like much of the disruptive technology we have seen over the past decade, Revolupay® proposes to empower individuals with a quick and efficient method to transact.

The ₡CU Coin Cryptotoken, allied to Revolupay®, promises to be the coin of choice for remittance senders, travelers and the hospitality industry. Its increasing use across these spheres exemplifies its international perspective and future value amongst users. The company plans to deploy ₡CU Coin in many guises, both as a method to enact cross border transactions and, as a token utilizable on a proprietary members only travel service platform, which promises to empower travelers with net or close to net rate travel offers, depending on their membership affiliation grade to the exclusive travel club.

The company’s Fintech division continues to expand into this rapidly emerging segment, in which it; manages, operates and develops end-to-end digital platforms to monetize the blockchain ecosystem across a broad spectrum of leisure related industries and finance. The goal is to offer securitized high yield bridge loans, under the factoring concept, in developing countries.

Management continue to study workable low cost alternatives, using legacy data centers in two separate jurisdictions, to profitably mine cryptocurrencies and ensure ancillary revenue for its travel and blockchain tech divisions while, at the same time, ensuring future-proof scalability for its own crypto related businesses. The company has advanced with two separate entities in two fiscally favorable locations and hopes to conclude these negotiations shortly. Investors can expect a guaranteed revenue stream, allied to minimal financial outlay, from this cryptomining activity.

Another revenue generating division of the company, named Cuba Ventures, is involved in Caribbean Basin strategic investments. Similar to the United States Nasdaq listed Herzfeld Fund, the focus is to acquire noteworthy assets related to the Caribbean Basin (including Cuba). The division is comprised of numerous assets. A wholly owned subsidiary Travelucion Media, a duly licensed and bonded online travel company, Amadeus GDS affiliated, digital & print media powerhouse that specializes in travel marketing, electronic reservations and online booking solutions. Travelucion owns a vast portfolio of web assets consisting of 432 Cuba-centric websites in up to 5 languages which generate over 35 million page-views per year and direct traffic to Travelucion’s online booking and e-commerce sites and proprietary online booking systems, customized for white label deployment on third party booking websites for; Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Bahamas, BVI, Belize, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica and Cuba, offering bookings for hotels, private residences, car rentals, tours, flights and a variety of other types of specialized travel services as well. Over the years, Travelucion has serviced hundreds of thousands of customers booking travel to Cuba and, other popular Caribbean Basin destinations, creating an outstanding revenue stream for CUV Ventures Corp.

In 2017, the company acquired equity in the Florida, USA based, licensed and bonded Travel Agency; International Business & Travel Opportunities, LLC (IBTO), a Caribbean Basin focused travel facilitator operating trips in the region (including licensed Cuba trips for Americans). A renewed U.S stance enacted by President Trump in June 2017, favored travel sales to certain Caribbean destinations (Including Cuba) when those trips were booked through U.S registered travel companies, which inspired the company’s acquisition of IBTO to carry out those sales in a policy favorable environment.

In 2018, the company acquired equity in the Florida, USA based, Third Circle Publishing LLC, publisher of the esteemed and U.S circulated print and digital magazine Cuba Trade Magazine. CUV Ventures Corp now controls important print and digital media assets, reaching 10s of millions of consumers globally. The blend of +35 million page views on proprietary websites, alongside monthly features in the equity owned Cuba Trade Magazine, guarantees low cost marketing exposure for all of the companies endeavors in the Caribbean Basin.

By employing this methodology, the company is gradually building a potentially valuable future ready, non Caribbean (Cuba) domiciled asset base while, in the interim, ensuring that this division is capitalizing on the revenue, growth and unique opportunities present in the Caribbean Basin, with an emphasis on the $4 billion dollar and rapidly growing Cuban travel and tourism industry, $3 billion factoring and FinTech sector, $18.6 billion Caribbean remittance industry and international corporate consulting for Cuba’s $86 Billion annual economy, which remains an interesting opportunity and, one that this division strives to penetrate at every opportunity by acquiring assets that are neither physically domiciled nor associated with entities located in Republic of Cuba but, that have unparalleled future prospects, should the political climate improve.

The company plans to continue leveraging management and advisor expertise in any financially lucrative area, via the creation of wholly owned revenue generating divisions.